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The APS Remuneration Survey (the Survey) is the source of data for the APS Remuneration Report (the Report), an annual snapshot of remuneration across the Australian Public Service. The Report's findings will provide a breakdown of remuneration across the different classification levels as well as illustrate the changes from year to year. Additionally, this data is also used to create Individual Agency Reports that compare each agency's remuneration data with the overall APS results. Individual Agency Reports will be provided to agency heads or to someone the agency head (or an authorised delegate) has granted access.

Remuneration Survey resources, including the updated Data specifications, are available below.

Previous Remuneration Reports are available here.

Important dates

Dates of effect and deadlines for submission of data
Date Task
Please note that the collection of Remuneration Survey data is independent of the collection of APSED data.
31 December 2018 Date of Effect
22 February 2019 Remuneration data submission due date.
It is appreciated if data files are submitted prior to the due date.

Changes to Remuneration Survey from 2017 to 2018

There are no new Data Items and no Data Items have been deleted. Modifications to items 15 and 44 were made.

Item 15: A note was added to clarify that agency-specific terms such as BDCP which were equivalent to the term ‘IFA’ should be entered as IFA only.

Item 44: The IFA column was modified to streamline data entered. Permitted entries are as follows:

  • PAL: pay and allowances—includes arrangements affecting salary, wages, and any allowances for travel, performance, experience or similar (n.b. please include experience allowances here)
  • LV: leave—arrangements affecting leave, including the nature or amount of leave, or cash in exchange for leave 
  • SUP: superannuation—arrangements affecting superannuation, such as the rate of payment
  • SM: subscriptions and memberships—arrangements to cover costs of subscriptions and memberships, such as those to professional associations or industry bodies
  • FWA: flexible working arrangements—arrangements that affect the nature of how work is performed, for example working away from the office, hours worked, etc.
  • IM: income maintenance—arrangements affecting income maintenance payments such as redundancies, modified pay bands to maintain employees at level following transfer from other agencies
  • OTH: other (provide details in comments)

Sending data to the Commission

Remuneration Survey data must be sent to the Commission securely.

If your agency is on FedLink (a Commonwealth secure Virtual Private Network) you may email data to the Commission as all emails between FedLink agencies are encrypted automatically in transition.

If your agency is not on FedLink, please use the encryption method used to send APSED movement and snapshot files. This is via the APSC File Management System, which encrypts the data to be sent to the Commission. If you require an account for the File Management System, please email: remuneration [at] apsc.gov.au to be issued login details.

Remuneration Survey resources

Remuneration Survey Data Specifications

The Remuneration Survey Data Specifications outline the procedure for completing the Survey, and details the data items to be reported on. The current version is 2018.1.1.

2018 Remuneration Survey Data Specifications (Word)

Remuneration Survey FAQs

If you have a question that is not covered in the Remuneration Survey FAQs, please contact remuneration [at] apsc.gov.au.

Remuneration Survey FAQs

Excel spreadsheet template

The spreadsheet below has been developed to assist agencies without an automated HR system.

Remuneration Survey Excel template

Column header template

The template below can be used to assist you with viewing raw data. It shows the name and number of each data item, and is colour coded to show fields that are related to each other. If you fill out one of these coloured fields you must also complete the field with the corresponding colour. The fields that are shaded yellow must contain a value for all employees. The template prints on to one A4 landscape page.

Remuneration Survey column headers

List of allowances

This document lists all the known allowances and in which Data Item each allowance should go. It also shows some allowances that are 'out of scope' and should not be reported.

If you have a question regarding an allowance that is not covered in this list please contact remuneration [at] apsc.gov.au.

Allowance list

Remuneration Survey Business Validation Rules

The Remuneration Survey Business Validation Rules outlines the criterions used in the process of validating data received for the Remuneration Survey by agencies. Data validation ensures that the data received meets the standards, according to the data specifications (see above), and also allows to check that data falls into the appropriate parameters. The purpose of the release of the Remuneration Survey Business Validation Rules exists to ensure improved data quality and streamline the remuneration reporting process in the current and future cycles.  

2018 APS Remuneration Survey Business Validation Rules


Information collected for the Commission must be treated in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) of the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) and compliance with these APPs is the responsibility of each agency. In particular, agencies are required to advise employees that they are disclosing employees' information to the Commission. To assist agencies in ensuring that they comply with the Privacy Act when providing APS employment information, the Commission has prepared the collection notice below.

APS Remuneration Survey Data Collection Notice

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Survey, please contact the project team:

  • Nicole Coggan, Ph: 02 6202 3778
  • or email: remuneration [at] apsc.gov.au