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Public Service Act 1999 and subordinate legislation

The principle Act governing the operation of the Australian Public Service is the:

The Act is supported by the following subordinate legislation:

  • Public Service Regulations 1999 (link to Federal Register of Legislation (FRL) website). These Regulations include provisions relating to the functions of the Australian Public Service Commissioner and the Merit Protection Commissioner (MPC) (link to MPC); the employer powers of Agency Heads; non-ongoing (temporary) employment arrangements; and use and disclosure of personal information.
  • Public Service Classification Rules 2000 (link to FRL website). These Rules provide an APS wide approach to the classification of duties (jobs) and employees in the APS with work value as the underlying basis.
  • Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions 2016. These Directions include provisions relating to the APS Values; recruitment and selection; performance management; handling of suspected Code of Conduct breaches; and other employment matters.

Other relevant legislation

Legislative requirements specifically in relation to Recruitment, Non-ongoing (temporary) employment and Terminating employment can be found at Management essentials.

Prime Minister's Directions

The Prime Minister has the power, under section 21 of the Public Service Act 1999, to issue general directions in writing to agency heads in relation to the management and leadership of APS employees. At October 2018, there are no current Prime Minister's Directions.

More information

Find more information at Workplace relations.This webpage includes information on the Commonwealth bargaining policy and award modernisation. It also has links to APS remuneration reports and the Australian Public Service Commission's allowance subscription service.

Last reviewed: 
23 October 2018