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Yellow Challenge - Department of Home Affairs

Encouraging public engagement and awareness of unseen national security threats

New and emerging threats are often unseen and do not have a day-to-day impact on the lives of Australians. Policies that are implemented to protect national security are often publically divisive.

Develop a strategy or program that:

  • builds public awareness and support for responses to national security without creating a sense of fear;
  • builds community support for policy proposals without providing detailed justification for the measures; and/or
  • engages the public without releasing classified or sensitive information.

The need to:

adhere to unknown or ambiguous timeframes (due to unknown or existential threats);

remain apolitical when working in a politically charged environment; and

Engaging with the public on national security issues may attract heightened media attention.

The end goal

While this is not a specific policy problem, potential solutions could be considered across the breadth of agencies that deal with complex and emotive policy issues.

Challenge solutions can come in any form, for example a set program or engagement strategy to deliver a theoretical (or real) policy outcome.





Last reviewed: 
18 June 2018