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Workforce planning resources

Workforce planning is a business-driven and business-owned process. It’s about knowing your organisation’s business and using this knowledge to position your organisation’s workforce to best deliver your business outcomes and manage workforce-related risks.

Workforce planning is a process of identifying the workforce capacity and capability your organisation needs to meet its objectives, now and into the future. It aims to ensure that the right people—those with the skills and capabilities necessary for the work—are available in the right numbers, in the right employment types, in the right place and at the right time to deliver your business outcomes.

The APSC has developed two foundational components of an APS-wide Workforce Planning Framework as key resources for agencies. This includes a practical workforce planning guide, with supporting tools and templates; and a Job Family (occupational group) model to enable the APS to map and understand its workforce.

Last reviewed: 
22 June 2018