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Workforce planning guide

The Australian Public Service (APS) reform program consists of 28 projects based on the recommendations of Ahead of the Game: Blueprint for the Reform of Australian Government Administration (the Blueprint). One of the key reform projects related to Strengthening the Workforce is the development of an APS-wide Workforce Planning Framework.

Over 2011 the APSC has worked in partnership with 58 agencies to leverage better practice and re-position Workforce Planning as a business owned strategic planning tool that is integrated with agency business planning cycles. The primary focus of this work has been the development of two foundational components of an APS-wide Workforce Planning Framework:

  • a practical workforce planning guide, with supporting tools and templates; and
  • a Job Family (occupational group) model to enable the APS to map and understand its workforce.

The APS Workforce Planning Guide (the guide) has been designed for Human Resources (HR) professionals and other APS staff responsible for working in partnership with agency division, branch and section heads to undertake workforce planning.

The guide presents a common approach to workforce planning and builds on existing information and good practice across the APS. The guide is made up of eight modules accompanied by supporting templates. In general, each major element of workforce planning has a corresponding module. However, the ‘Demand and supply analysis’ has been split into two modules due to the level of detail involved and some other elements have been combined into one module. The guide’s eight modules are listed below.

  • Introduction and how to use the Australian Public Service Workforce planning Guide
  • Workforce planning explained
  • Initiation and planning for workforce planning
  • Segmenting your workforce
  • Demand analysis
  • Supply analysis
  • Gap analysis and strategy and initiative development
  • Implementation and monitoring, evaluation, review and adjustment.

As a resource to assist with the workforce planning process, the APS Job Families Model has been developed by the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) in collaboration with agencies and departments. The APS Job Families Model establishes a system for clearly understanding occupational groupings or skill areas in the APS workforce. Standard groupings of this sort supports workforce planning as they are the foundation for understanding workforce shortages, flows, development, and potential risks to business delivery.

Last reviewed: 
17 April 2019