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Winning through twinning in the Asia-Pacific

Many APS agencies work closely with Government counterparts in developing countries to improve service delivery capacity. These partnerships are known as twinning.

Through twinning, the APSC contributes to the Australian Government’s investment in public sector capacity building in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Indonesia.

The APSC has a role in building a new generation of leaders as an implementing partner of the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct in PNG. This work gives public servants ethical and practical skills to lead their country into the future.

A recent Precinct highlight was the launch of training in Ialibu-Pangia, the Southern Highlands Province of PNG on 20 February. Two short courses on project management and financial management were co-facilitated by PNG and Australian trainers for local public servants.

In Indonesia, the APSC is helping to implement a number of wide-ranging bureaucratic reforms, including merit based recruitment practices, building middle management competencies, and creating greater transparency and integrity.

In support of this work the APS Commissioner, the Hon John Lloyd PSM, visited Jakarta on 12-14 March to sign an MOU to continue supporting the Government of Indonesia’s bureaucratic reforms. He also met with the Vice President of Indonesia and Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform who reinforced their objective of ensuring senior leader appointments were made based on merit principles.

The Commission’s twinning and partnership activities in PNG and Indonesia form part of Australia’s aid program. This aims to improve the confidence and capacity of public servants in delivering services to their country’s citizens. The work of APS agencies also strengthens relationships between Australia and its neighbours.

To find out more about the work that APSC does in PNG and Indonesia, please email International [at] apsc.gov.au.  

Last reviewed: 
31 May 2018