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Video: How to sell stuff in 90 seconds (Part 3)

Sell me this pen.

"Sell me this pen".

For anyone who's seen the Wolf of Wall Street you may have seen Jordan Belfort give people this test which is sell me this pen.

You can use the same principles that Jordan Belfort learnt from this lesson in the gradhack, and the lesson is this; what you don't want to do is oversell the pen.

When Jordan Belfort gave people the pen and they would go ohh it's a shiny pen, it writes very well and they would go on and on, he took it away from them, people get it, it's a pen, you don't have to oversell it, but the other thing your are not supposed to do, which the movie told you to do, is to do some tricky kind of tactic is to say ohh write your name; what's that you need a pen?

Supply and demand. That is a sly kind of thing that is funny in the movie but Jordan Belfort said after the movie that's not actually what he had intended by the lesson.

Rather, when you are in an environment like the gradhack, when there is lots of people selling maybe similar things and there is high completive crowd, how you stand ahead is by finding the customers who want to buy your product.

So when he said sell me this pen he asked people do you want to buy this pen? Do you want to buy what I am offering today? If they say no fine move on, find customers who will enjoy your product and don't waste your time trying to convince people who don't want to buy your thing in the first place.

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Last reviewed: 
13 May 2018