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Video: How to sell stuff in 90 seconds (Part 1)

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

The grad hack is coming up and it's all very exciting, you will be given a problem and you will have to come up with a solution and then sell that solution to a busy market place of APS and SES staff.

Now there will be a lot of stores and a lot of competitors, you won't have a lot of time with your customers, which means you will have to sell very fast, and very concisely and really win them over in a short period of time.

If you only have a short space of time to sell something you have to do the essentials right, and a very popular acronym used by sales people in infomercials is Attention Interest Desire Action or AIDA, let's see that in action.

First you have to get someone's attention, and in order to get someone's attention you need to have the solution to their problem, so don't you hate it when you are at the gradhack and you have such a great solution but no one appears to be listening for you, that's how I get your attention.

And then there's the interest, wouldn't be great if there was a simple way of learning all the techniques you needed to learn in order to win the gradhack? Now I've piqued your interest.

Then there's the desire, well if you go on the gradhack website you'll see three videos done by me about all the techniques that you'll need to learn to sell something in 90 seconds, and it's better than if you were to go on YouTube, where you get lots of other videos where people are waffling on and on and on. That's the desire; my product is good and it's better than someone else's. Then the action, go on to the gradhack website and watch my remaining two videos on how to sell stuff in 90 seconds.

Last reviewed: 
23 May 2018