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Using the kit

Building an Indigenous Employment Strategy—A Starter Kit for Commonwealth Agencies (the Kit) is designed to help human resource (HR) practitioners build their agency's Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) to assist in attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing Indigenous employees. The
Kit consists of the following parts.


Provides context and information to help develop and implement an IES.

Focus areas

Includes a collection of initiatives grouped into the three themes:

  • workplace environment
  • attraction and recruitment
  • retention.



  • an Indigenous Employment Strategy checklist to assist in the development, implementation and evaluation phases
  • a trouble-shooting guide which identifies various Indigenous employment issues facing an agency, and possible solutions
  • Agency 'snapshot' report to assist in tracking agency progress in Indigenous employment
  • Business Area 'snapshot' report to assist with internal discussions at the business area level when identifying and developing recruitment and retention strategies
  • Useful links to other websites and documents.

'Menu' for an Indigenous Employment Strategy

Three A3 foldouts, targeted around the focus areas summarise examples of actions, performance indicators, time frames for achieving goals, and who is responsible for ensuring initiatives are implemented. The Menu is designed as a tool to assist you in choosing the activities that best suit your agency's

Further support for agencies is available through the Indigenous Employment HR Forum and the Indigenous Employment HR Coordinators GovDex website. For more information on these initiatives or advice on your IES contact the Commission's Indigenous Liaison Officer on 02 6202 3593 or at IndigenousLiaisonOfficer [at] apsc.gov.au.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018