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Unlocking potential delivery plan

Agencies have embraced the Unlocking Potential report and have already started implementing its actions. If your agency is doing something great, we’d love to hear about it and share it with other agencies across the APS. Please contact us by email to employmentreform [at] apsc.gov.au.

The APSC will be supporting the implementation of Unlocking Potential in agencies progressively over the next two years. Here is our delivery plan:

Feature project: APSjobs
‘I want the best and brightest to aspire to work for some or all of their careers in the Australian Public Service. To do this we need to think carefully about the employment brand we project. This includes thinking about what distinguishes the APS from other organisations.’
The Hon. John Lloyd PSM, Australian Public Service Commissioner, August 2015

The APSC is replacing the APSjobs website so that it more effectively promotes the enormous and exciting range of work that the APS has to offer. The project has two parts:
- overhauling the technology that supports the site so that it is more user friendly and better suited
- re-doing the APS brand and employment value proposition so that the APS can better attract the best and brightest.


APS Talent Management Guide & Toolkit
—supports agencies in the implementation of internal talent management programs that are linked to broader workforce planning

Guiding principles for optimising employee performance
—informs the design of APS agencies’ performance frameworks.

Ripple smartphone application for employee performance

Essentials guide on termination of employment
sets out the minimum requirements related to termination of employment under the Public Service Act 1999

Essentials guide on non-ongoing employment
—sets out the minimum requirements related to the non-ongoing employment arrangements under the Public Service Act 1999

Amend the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions to provide greater flexibility to agency heads, including in recruitment processes

Release the APS secondment guidelines

By end 2016

Commence an evaluation of the Ripple pilot

By mid-2017

Refresh the APS induction framework

Release Essentials guides on:
- Recruitment and selection
- Probation
- Conditions of engagement
- Delegations
- Handling misconduct

Replace the APSjobs website

Release a new APS brand and employment value proposition

Commence an examination of the legislative provisions on merit and non-ongoing employment

Roll out Ripple across the APS

Did you know? Myths about Merit

Complex selection criteria are mandatory

MYTH. Applicants need only be asked to provide enough information to allow an initial assessment of their capacity to do the job. This may be as simple as a one page ‘expression of interest’ or their resume.

Interviews are essential

MYTH. Applicants need to be assessed against one another and against the requirements of the job. An interview is one way of doing this, but it’s not the only way.

Candidates must be asked identical questions at interview

MYTH. During an interview the panel can ask a variety of questions in order to capture the information they need to determine a person’s capacity to do the job.

By end 2018

Establish an APS capability interchange

Professionalise and raise the profile of the HR function in the APS

Review the APS classification system

Commence an examination of legislative provisions for termination of employment

Review the system of management appeals

Review the model for APS L&D

Evaluate the Talent Councils

Last reviewed: 
31 May 2018