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Terms of reference

1. The Government has asked Professor Peter Shergold AC to lead an independent review of Government processes for the development and implementation of large public programmes and projects, including the roles of ministers and public servants.

2. The Review will make practical recommendations to enhance the capacity of the Australian Government to:

  1. Design and implement large public programmes and projects;
  2. Develop robust and effective governance and accountability arrangements for such programmes and projects;
  3. Understand the broader environment in which programmes and policies are design and implemented (including through effective public consultation and harnessing external expertise);
  4. Identify, understand and manage risks; and
  5. Provide accurate, timely, clear and robust advice to ministers and within the APS.

3. The Review will take account of the findings and recommendations of the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program, and the report of the Independent Audit of the NBN Public Policy Processes (the Scales Review).

4. It will take account of best practices on the nature and effectiveness of public policy processes and the implementation of large public programmes and projects in Australia and internationally.

24 December 2014

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018