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Core Skills Development - APS-EL facilitated courses:

Leadership - SES and EL2 Leadership facilitated programs:  

Registrations are completed online for both streams via APS Learn.

Payment for courses/programs is by Credit Card only. APSLEARN will generate a tax receipt which participants can have emailed to them.


Changes to nominated program attendees must be notified to the relevant team, as listed above, before the course/program commencement date.

Note: Some courses/programs have pre-work activities and, therefore, any substitutions should be notified at least one week out from the commencement of the course/program. For Calendar courses Individuals will be provided a Substitution Form via email to complete. For Leadership substitutions, the participant should contact leadership [at] apsc.gov.au or call 02 6202 3933 (option2).

Rescheduling and refunds

Requests for attendance rescheduling or refund must be made in writing (email is acceptable) and must be received 30 calendar days before the start of the course/program.

IMPORTANT: No refund of fees will be made for non-attendance or cancellations made within 30 calendar days of the program commencement date unless a request is made to the Commission to consider special circumstances (refer below).

Special circumstances

The Commission may review its rescheduling and refund conditions in special circumstances. These are:

  • Medical: where a participant's medical condition has changed to such an extent that he or she is unable to attend.
  • Exceptional circumstances: that prevent the participant from attending the program. These must be support by evidence and in some cases a written confirmation from the participant’s manager.

This will be assessed by the Commission on a case by case basis.

Evidence supporting the claim for refund may be requested before a reschedule or refund will be considered.

Fees charged

Fees for each course/program are provided on the course/program page on APSLEARN.

Fees are inclusive of materials that form part of the course/program delivery.

Delivery Methods

Face to face delivery: Participants are responsible for provision of their own travel and accommodation arrangements this type of delivery.

Online delivery: Participants for online facilitated courses are responsible for provision of the following:

  • Ensuring that they are able to connect to the delivery tool. Participants must log in 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the course for any troubleshooting issues.
  • A work/personal Internet network connection
  • A compatible work/personal device with an active camera (laptop or tablet)
  • A private and quiet space, this is to help maintain the security and the confidentiality of participants.

Please note: Agency IT systems may not support the access to online delivery tools, (e.g. Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, etc.). If connectivity using Agency IT systems is not possible, Participants must be willing to use their own personal devices/internet connections to access and complete the course/program.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Fees will not incur GST if the payment is:

  • between government-related entities
  • the payment is covered by an appropriation
  • the amount of the charge does not exceed the actual or anticipated cost of providing the good or service.

Goods and services provided to other entities (i.e. that are not a government-related entity) will incur a charge of 10% for GST if that good or service is normally a taxable supply for GST purposes.

Other conditions

The Commission reserves the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule courses/programs due to low enrolments or unforeseen circumstances. The Commission may also change fees, dates, locations, content, guests or conveners, or methods of delivery at its discretion. The Commission will endeavour to provide reasonable notice to participants of these changes.

The Commission accepts no liability for any losses incurred as a result of changes to the course/program details.


Your information is collected for the purpose of the Public Service Commissioner's functions under the Public Service Act 1999. This includes coordinating APS-wide training and career development opportunities and recording in the State of the Service report. It will be used for course administration, statistical analysis and evaluation of programs. Some details may be disclosed to your home agency for administrative and statistical and monitoring purposes. Your information may be used to distribute information about other Commission-run or sponsored opportunities and to maintain the Commission's databases. Occasionally mailing lists are made available to entities with related functions.

When taking part in online interactive learning courses, a virtual classroom tool will be used for the delivery of content. It is the participant’s responsibility to understand that by registering for APS courses delivered by the APSC and contracted third parties that they are agreeing to the operation and terms of the tools usage.

Sensitive information such as an attendee's dietary requirements and cultural status may be retained on our databases for their future attendance at our programs.

For further information related to collection of personal information please refer to Collection Notices.

If you do not wish to have your information used for these stated purposes, please email web [at] apsc.gov.au  

Last reviewed: 
5 May 2020