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Talent Management Toolkit

APS Framework for High Potential

Assessing whether an employee has the potential to be successful in more senior roles is one of the more difficult elements of talent management. 

The APS Framework for High Potential was developed to provide APS agencies with a practical understanding of the qualities that indicate high potential. The Framework is based on research across 19 models and is grounded in a strong evidence base.

Managers seeking to assess an employee against the APS Framework for High Potential should refer to the Manager Guide to Identifying High Potential

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Manager Guide to Identifying High Potential

The Manager Guide to Identifying High Potential is a practical tool that can be used to make an informal assessment about an employee's potential. To tool assists managers to make observations about whether an individual is displaying the qualities and behaviours that indicate high potential. The tool
is aligned with the APS Framework for High Potential. 

The tool only provides an initial assessment. Formal assessment is recommended to confirm an initial assessment of high potential.

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Guide to Career Conversations

The Guide to Career Conversations has been designed to assist managers to provide feedback to employees about their performance and potential, their career aspirations and development requirements. The guide includes:

  • practical feedback prompts
  • questions to pose to the employee
  • prompts on possible development options.

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Formal assessment tools and methods

This document offers a range of assessment options which can be used to validate initial assessment or obtain a deeper understanding of development requirements. Tools are broken into two categories:

  • Screening tools
  • Detailed assessment

This presents a small sample of assessments available on the market and is in no way a complete offering.

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APS nine-box grid

The APS nine-box grid is a matrix that allows increased understanding of a talent management pool or cohort. The tool relies on accurate assessment of an individual's performance and potential prior to plotting. Placement on the grid can facilitate important decisions regarding succession and development.

Go to the APS nine-box grid.

Career profile template

A career profile is an internal CV which allows the sharing of professional experience, qualifications and aspirations with a Talent Council or equivalent. This template can be adjusted as necessary to suit the needs of a specific agency.

Go to the Career profile template.

Talent Council terms of reference

This is an example document which may be used to develop the terms of reference for a Talent Council or equivalent within agencies. This can be changed or modified as necessary.

Go to the Talent Council terms of reference.

Succession plan template

The succession plan template is an example document which tracks critical roles, likelihood of vacancy and potential successors to allow a greater understanding of:

  • Potential people risks
  • Strength of key capabilities within an agency
  • Areas for development focus

Note: placement on succession plan is not a guarantee of future position – regular recruitment processes will apply.

Go to the succession plan template.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018