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Talent management

Talent management is a business strategy used widely in the private sector and increasingly being adopted in the public sector. It involves identifying employees who are able to make a greater contribution by taking on more complex roles, and then providing targeted development and support so that these individuals can be deployed into challenging, business critical roles.

Some agencies nominate Indigenous employees for general talent management programs, while others offer more targeted development initiatives.

Current initiatives

Australian Public Service Commission

The Australian Public Service Commission supports a number of development opportunities:

  • Australian Government Leadership Networks (AGLN) are networks for senior public servants based outside Canberra. There are active committees in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

    An AGLN has been running for over 20 years in some states, providing forums for:
    • professional development of senior  APS  leaders
    • exchanging innovative thinking, ideas, knowledge and experiences, peer support and collegiality
    • creating opportunities for collaboration with other organisations and state government agencies, and other parties such as academics
    • facilitating whole-of-government approaches to Australian public sector activities
    • providing the opportunity for members to make contributions to the development of local and strategic Australian public sector initiatives, and
    • reducing the impact of geographical isolation from national offices.

    In collaboration with the Australian Public Service Commission, the networks run one day annual conference and up to four events annually (approximately 1½ hours) on topics of interest.

How the APSC can assist other agencies:

  • Employees from any Commonwealth entity can participate in the networking events offered by the APSC. Information about upcoming events is available on the APSC website.

Department of Human Services

The Department of Human Services will take a number of steps to support the increased representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in senior leadership roles. The Department will:

  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to take part in the Public Sector Management Program.
  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander senior executives to take part in leadership and talent development opportunities.
  • Ensure 5 per cent of all participants in its Future Leaders Today Program are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.
  • Support at least 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to attend external leadership programs annually.

The Department has established an Indigenous Employment Strategies Team to ensure that the ideas and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees are at the forefront of the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment policy and direction. The team also works on prevention and early intervention where required, including supporting employees to raise and discuss their needs with their team leader.

How DHS can assist other agencies:

  • DHS will share with agencies lessons learned from initiatives designed to increase representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in senior leadership roles.
  • DHS can help agencies to establish an Indigenous-specific employment strategies team.

For more information, please email GMPEOPLECAPABILITY [at] humanservices.gov.au.

Commonwealth agencies can subscribe to the Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy GovDex site for more information about these initiatives. Email diversity [at] apsc.gov.au to subscribe.

Last reviewed: 
6 May 2019