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Summary of financial performance

Table 2 summarises the Commission’s financial performance in 2012–13.

Table 2: Summary of financial performance, 2012–13
  Budget estimate
($ million)*
Actual result
($ million)
* Full-year budget, including any subsequent adjustment made to the 2012–13 Budget.
Program 1.1: Australian Public Service Commission
Program component 1.1.1: APS people and organisational performance 19.7 19.3
Program component 1.1.2: Investing in APS development and capability 21.8 22.7
Program component 1.1.3: Australian Government employment workplace relations 9.8 9.8
Total departmental 51.3 51.8
Program 1.2: Parliamentarians’ and judicial office holders’ remuneration and entitlements 59.9 59.3
Total administered 59.9 59.3
Total Outcome 1 111.2 111.1

Departmental expenses were $0.5 million (1%) higher than budget as a result of conducting additional fee-for-service training programs.

Administered expenses were $0.6 million (1%) lower than budget with levels of remuneration and entitlements for members being lower than projected.

Table 2 should be read in conjunction with Table A2: Expenses and resources for Outcome 1, 2012–13 (Appendix A). The actual result includes the expenditure associated with the above-budget level of fee-for-service activities.

Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018