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Strategic priority two—lifting the capability of the APS

We need a systematic, service-wide approach to lifting people capability to improve the overall performance of the APS for today and the future. The response to COVID-19 has demonstrated the APS capacity and willingness to rapidly mobilise and deploy its workforce to work remotely to deliver critical functions and Government priorities. We will continue to drive improved mobility and support the recruitment, development and retention of a skilled, professional and high performing workforce through the implementation of a future-fit workforce strategy.

We will help drive the Government’s APS reform agenda Delivering for Australians to build the capability and expertise of the APS workforce to meet current and emerging needs.

We will develop a whole-of-government workforce strategy to provide a roadmap for the future-fit APS workforce, and identify workforce development and investment priority areas, including commencing the classification and capability reviews. Our capability development initiatives will target the skills we know are needed into the future, including stronger capabilities in the areas of leadership, digital, data, service delivery, and commercial acumen.

We will be exemplars of public service, demonstrating impeccable stewardship and integrity to foster trust with Government and the Australian community. We will promote, support and reflect the need for, and benefits from, a diverse APS workforce and work to ensure our systems and structures support best practice ways of working and improve decision making.

Activity Area of Focus Performance Measure for 2020-21 Measure of success in 2020-21

Building Workforce Capability in the APS

Workforce Strategy

Develop an APS-wide Learning and Development (L&D) Strategy by the end of 2020

The APS-wide L&D Strategy is endorsed

Milestones for the first six months of the strategy implementation are completed by the end of June 2021

Embed the Professions model, and implement against high level roadmap

Professions model introduced and agreed professional streams, including the Data Professional Stream, commenced

Continue to embed the professional streams already well underway, including the HR and Digital Professional Streams

Workplace Relations

Connect practitioners and build Workplace Relations capability

Delivery of tailored workplace relations workshops, connecting workplace practitioners

Data and Research

Provide the APS with data to inform and evaluate APS workforce policies and strategies

Data is used to inform and evaluate APS workforce policies and strategies

Respond to >90 per cent of data requests by the agreed due date

APS Employee Census response rates remain >70 per cent

>75 per cent of APS agencies publically release APS Employee Census results

Learning and Development

Deliver learning and development programs through traditional and contemporary digital methods

Learning and Development programs reach an increased number of participants outside of Canberra compared to 2019-20

Evaluation indicates participant satisfaction equivalent to previous years

Learning and Capability Review will be complete

Graduate Recruitment

Strengthen the overall APS graduate recruitment process and One-APS presence in the graduate market to increase the capability and diversity of the APS over time

APS graduate recruitment is more coordinated across the service, with increased cross-agency collaboration

Updates to the APSJobs Graduate Portal and a more coordinated One-APS graduate marketing effort are helping to strengthen the APS’s position in the graduate market and as a desired employer for graduates


Improve the policy framework for temporary mobility to increase the responsiveness and performance of the APS

Mobility Framework is in place and implementation is on track

Employees can move more readily between agencies, and between the APS and other sectors in response to strategic needs of the APS