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Strategic priority three—building leadership for the future

The Independent Review of the APS and the recent COVID-19 response have reinforced the importance of empowered and accountable leaders in the APS. We must support diversity, enhance leadership, and build core skills for all staff to strengthen the professionalism of the APS. We will build leadership for the future by managing Senior Executive Service (SES) succession planning, career pathways, diversity, mobility, talent identification and recruitment.

We will work with Secretaries and Agency Heads to shape an APS leadership workforce that is future ready.

We will support best practice in leadership, including through whole-of-APS talent management for the SES and emerging workforce to identify and develop high performing and high potential Executive Level (EL) employees. We will look for ways to tailor common solutions so they are fit for purpose in developing our leaders of the future. We will remain clearly focused on developing leadership that reflects the diversity and talent of the Australian community.

To ensure our future success we will contribute expertise, contemporary thinking and whole-of-APS insights to shape the agenda for the future. We will focus on priority activities over the period of this plan including supporting SES and EL capability by building leadership and supporting the systematic development of future leaders.

Activity Area of Focus Performance Measure for 2020-21 Measure of success in 2020-21
Strengthen Leadership in the APS Leadership development Provide contemporary leadership development opportunities Evaluation data from leadership development initiatives indicate an increase in participants’ self-assessment of leadership capability
Talent Management Effective guidance and support delivered to Talent Councils

Talent Councils and Secretaries Board understand the strengths and diversity of the leadership pipeline, informed by objective data

Feedback from Talent Councils shows that advice and guidance from the APSC helps them to build a stronger and more diverse leadership pipeline

Assessments of SES Band 1 have commenced

90% of participants in talent programs have agreed learning and development plans in place