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Strategic priority four—preserving and enhancing the reputation of the APS

The Australian Public Service Commission will provide visibility of the collegial nature of the service, by highlighting APS successes and leadership domestically and internationally.

We will bring APS employees together to generate citizen-centric solutions and promote the outcomes by providing high quality communications including APS-wide news and events, social media and other digital and online activities.

We will support the APS in celebrating successes, in collaborating and working across traditional boundaries, and in working with other governments and the private sector.

We will work to provide a compelling and transparent picture of the APS, through the State of the Service Report.

We will continue to work with the Secretaries Board and the Chief Operating Officers Committee on whole-of-Government approaches.

Activity Area of Focus Performance Measure for 2020-21 Measure of success in 2020-21

Maintain and enhance the reputation of the APS


Facilitate engagement and collaboration between APS agencies through APS-wide and professional stream events

Curate and/or share regular social media posts every week across the Commission’s and the APS social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)

Achieve an audience growth rate of 25 per cent in the 2020-21 financial year


Deliver a range of virtual or face-to-face events in the 2020-21 financial year, attracting participants from across APS agencies

Provide high-quality and timely support to the Minister’s Office, clearly communicating the issues and achievement of the APS

Action all ministerial correspondence, briefs and submissions within specified timeframes

State of the Service Report

Influence the public commentary and the level of reach and engagement with the report and its data analysis and insights

The State of the Service Report has a strong user-centred design, and is published within legislated timeframes, contributing to growing awareness and use within the APS

Stakeholders, including ministers and contributing agencies, are satisfied with the engagement process in developing the State of the Service Report


Deliver quality program outcomes and respond to requests to share information

Requests from International partners to share information on policies and practices increases

Deliver knowledge sharing activities to our international partners

The activities we deliver in 2020-21 demonstrate we are meeting our partners’ needs

Employee Value Proposition

Create an APS graduate Employee Value Proposition, as a first stage towards a whole-of-APS Employee Value Proposition

Development and release of an APS graduate Employee Value Proposition