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Strategic priority five—upholding the integrity of the APS

The principles of good public administration are at the heart of the democratic process and public confidence in the way the APS exercises authority when meeting government objectives. Creating and maintaining a culture of integrity is crucial and requires commitment at all levels of the APS. We will communicate what it means to be a public servant and, as a trusted partner, be vigilant in identifying and addressing integrity issues.

The APS Values and Code of Conduct reflect an established framework for institutional integrity.

We will promote cohesion between integrity, performance, capability and effectiveness and will continue to model and promote a high standard of integrity in the APS.

Through advice, support, training and partnership we will build capability in ethical decision-making across the APS. We will collaborate with our stakeholders to foster a culture of integrity across the APS through a range of initiatives, and provide the best possible advice to APS agencies and employees on applying the APS Values, Employment Principles, and Code of Conduct.

In communicating what it means to be a public servant, we will partner with agencies to develop and support ethical behaviour, provide guidance and help on ethical reasoning in the APS, and identify integrity risks to the APS and provide advice on how to manage these.

We will assist in developing and implementing solutions to integrity challenges, through best practice advice and a contemporary approach to embedding integrity and living the APS Values.



Area of Focus Performance Measure for 2020-21 Measure of success in 2020-21

Promoting a high standard of integrity in the APS

Build and uphold a pro-integrity culture within the APS

Develop and effectively implement pro-integrity initiatives

APS displays a consistently strong pro-integrity culture through the:

  • Development and implementation of renewed integrity training
  • Guidance materials are up-to-date and fit for purpose
  • APS integrity culture is clearly understood and a forward plan established for reinforcing pro-integrity culture