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Strategic policy

Strategic policy roles coordinate, direct and oversee the development of strategic policy, in order to deliver outcomes and benefits related to the organisation's strategic direction.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Strategic Policy Capability Analyst 280107 Capability analysts evaluate an organisation, process or individuals against set criteria and determine gaps and actions for resolution. This may include developing capability frameworks and training programs.
Governance Officer 280105 Governance officers support decision making processes, leadership structures, management auditing and procedural development.
International and Stakeholder Agreements and Negotiation 280101 International and stakeholder agreement and negotiation professionals plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate policy advice, strategic planning and international policy negotiations and agreements.
International Delegations Management and Support 280102 International delegations management and support professionals manage visiting delegations and associated information and learning exchanges.
Strategic Policy Advice and Development 280106 Strategic policy advice and development professionals develop, analyse and modify government or commercial policies. This can include agenda setting and research, policy formulation and policy amendments.
Last reviewed: 
20 March 2019