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Stats are back with APS Statistical Bulletin 2016-17

Statistical Bulletin

In line with the Australian population and its workforce, the APS workforce is ageing. The age profile of the APS has shifted with the proportion of APS employees over 50 increasing to 32% and those under 30 decreasing to 13%. These are amongst the key findings in the annual snapshot of the APS workforce published in the APS Statistical Bulletin 2016-17 recently.

Women occupy the majority of positions in the APS representing 59% of the workforce. Over the last ten years, there has been a consistent narrowing of the gap between women and men at all senior levels. The most common classification of employees is the APS 6 level, representing over 1 in 5 employees across the service.

Indigenous representation has increased over the last five years and is moving toward the APS contribution to the Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander target of 3.8% by 2018.

The Bulletin informs the annual State of the Service Report and provides early insights into the size and nature of the APS workforce.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018