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State of the Service Series Report: 2012 Indigenous Census

This census is the third in a series that commenced in 2005; the second census occurred in 2009. This iteration of the census is particularly significant because it provides, for the first time, valuable insights into the perceptions of Indigenous APS employees by analysing their responses compared with those of their non-Indigenous counterparts. This comparison will help us to identify strengths and weaknesses in the structure, processes and culture within the APS. These results can be benchmarked with other APS employees, and the results provide a point-in-time baseline of data.

The 2012 Census sets out the findings for the Indigenous segment of the workforce under the same themes used in recent State of the Service reports: leadership and culture, human capital management and organisational effectiveness. It examines the experiences and attitudes of Indigenous employees in the workplace to ensure that the APS is meeting its commitment to provide a workplace free from discrimination and to identify where this can be improved.

At a glance: summary of the report


An overview of the report including key findings


Background to the report

1: Leadership and culture

Engagement and perceptions of leadership

2: Human capital management

Contributions to organisational capability


Survey methodologies

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018