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State of the Service Report series - sold out!

Findings from the State of the Service Report (SoSR) and what they mean for a professional, contemporary public service will be presented across Australian during February and March.

The APS employee census that informs the SoSR is one of the largest and most comprehensive employee surveys in Australia. The response rate is an incredible 71% from the 150,000 employees, with many agencies creating internal competitions to reach the 100% completion mark. Each year, the depth of analysis and understanding of the data matures to make it one of the valued and richest sources of staff perceptions and experiences across the service.

While the series is fully subscribed, we will be posting a video recording of our Canberra event on 22 February to the APSC website. The link to this recording will be included in the March edition of APS News.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018