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State of the Service 2010-11

Section 44 of the Public Service Act 1999 (the Act) provides that the Australian Public Service Commissioner must issue a report each year to the agency’s minister for presentation to the Australian Parliament. The report must include a report on the state of the Australian Public Service (APS) during the year.

Theme 1: Leadership and culture

Go to Chapter 1: Leadership.

Chapter 1 shows that agencies recognise the importance of leadership capability with plans to develop this capability over the next three years.

Go to Chapter 2: Employee engagement, health and wellbeing.

Chapter 2 outlines a new model of employee engagement for the APS.

Go to Chapter 3: Values, performance and conduct.

Chapter 3 describes the measures that have been taken in the last few years to strengthen the ethics infrastructure of the APS, particularly in the direction of more open government.

Theme 2: Human capital management

Go to Chapter 4: Workforce profile.

Chapter 4 describes the overall trends in APS employment, including size, employment status, sex, classification, age, workforce agility and staff movements.

Go to Chapter 5: Workforce planning.

Chapter 5 covers workforce planning and notes that more APS agencies are linking systematic workforce planning to business planning.

Go to Chapter 6: Workforce development.

Chapter 6 examines the broader workforce development activities agencies undertake to build APS capability.

Go to Chapter 7: Diversity.

Chapter 7 examines employment patterns for key diversity groups in the APS, in particular Indigenous Australians, people with disability and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Go to Chapter 8: Recruitment and retention.

Chapter 8 explores the cost and effectiveness of agency recruitment action, particularly in light of retaining new and existing employees.

Theme 3: Organisational effectiveness

Go to Chapter 9: Innovation and efficiency.

The Australian Public Sector Innovation Indicators (APSII) project aims to develop data and metrics on the innovation performance and capacities of agencies to help manage innovation.

Go to Chapter 10: Organisational capability.

Chapter 10 broadly assesses organisational capability in the APS.


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29 March 2018