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Paul Cross

Enterprise Biometrics Branch, Identity and Biometrics Division, Intelligence and Capability Group
Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Paul Cross has had held a number of senior positions in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection related to identity management, ICT, and border systems.

Paul is currently responsible for enterprise biometric capabilities within DIBP. He sits on a number of cross-agency committees involved with biometrics and identity, and has been an active participant in the biometrics community internationally. Paul chairs the Five Country Conference Data Sharing Working Group, which manages biometric data exchange projects and operations for  border agencies of Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, and The United States. He is also the group leader for the Biometrics Institute Borders Group, which tracks global developments in the use of biometrics for border control.

Paul has worked in DIBP for 17 years. His previous roles have involved management of system development teams, IT operations, disaster recovery, IT change management, information management, and security.

Paul has a background in application development. He has worked on mainframe, eBusiness and midrange platforms, and in areas concerned with usability and architecture. As Director of Border and Entry Systems at DIBP from September 2001 to January 2005, he was responsible for maintaining Australia's key border security systems, including the Travel and Information Processing System (TRIPS), Advanced Passenger Processing System (APP), and the Movement Alert List (MAL).

Jane Mitchell

Director Behavioural Insights, Relationships and Stakeholder Management, Service Delivery
Australian Taxation Office

Jane is responsible for the ATO’s newly established Behavioural Insights Unit. Key parts of the role involve embedding Behavioural Insights across the ATO; raising the visibility of behavioural insights both internally and across Government; as well as offering a consultancy service to business areas to improve their processes/products through the application of behavioural insights principles.

Jane has a background in behavioural insights, project delivery, strategic communication, governance as well as in the financial services sector.

Prior to her role with the BI Unit, Jane has also been the Director of Super’s communication team (where she delivered the Industry and ATO recognised SuperStream campaign), Director of Reform Business Readiness and Project Management as well as  Director of MoUs for the exchange of taxpayer data with States and Territories. In addition, Jane has also held a number of other governance and communication roles including Director of Communications and Organisational Planning & Performance at ComSuper.

Jane Mitchell LinkedIn profile

Cindy Briscoe

Deputy Secretary, Agriculture and Water Resources
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Cindy has more than 25 years’ experience in the Australian Public Service. She has been a member of the SES since 1998 and has held senior positions at the Department of Human Services, the Australian Taxation Office and ComSuper.

Prior to commencing with the department Cindy was the Deputy Commissioner Support Group for the Australian Border Force. Cindy also held a number of positions within the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, including Deputy Secretary, Immigration Status Resolution Group and First Assistant Secretary, People where she has a particular focus on workforce management and planning.

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computing Studies and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and is an Australian and New Zealand School of Government Executive Fellow.


Scott Small

Director, Child Care Legislative Reform
Department of Education and Training

Last reviewed: 
25 May 2018