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Service delivery

Service delivery roles provide coordinated and structured advice, support and services to citizens and customers.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Customer Advice and Support Call, Contact or Smart Centre 230101 Call, contact or smart centre professionals act as a focal point for client telephone contact and coordinate and provide timely and accurate advice and answers.
Client Partner/Case Manager 230102 Client partners/case managers collaboratively assess, plan and facilitate, care coordination, evaluation and advice for services to meet an individual’s or organisation’s needs. 
Customer Liaison/Counters 230103 Customer liaison/counters professionals act as a focal point for customer and visitor problems, questions or concerns. They coordinate and provide timely and accurate answers for customers and visitors.
Customer Support 230104 Customer support professionals provide information to stakeholders in response to enquiries and requests in support of organisational programs.
Emergency Management 230105 Emergency management professionals create, manage and implement disaster or emergency plans that help the organisation reduce its vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.
Firearms and Weapons Assessment 230112 Firearms and weapons assessment professionals review and assess compliance of firearms and weapons with legislation and guidelines.
Indigenous Specialist Officer 230106 Indigenous specialist officers assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who live in urban, rural, regional and remote communities to access payments or services. This includes establishing and facilitating communication between different community groups, organisations and governments to promote the interests of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders affected.
Insolvency Services 230111 Insolvency services professionals undertake case management and administration of bankrupt estates, including assessment, investigation, information provision, record keeping, and stakeholder relationship management.
Objections and Complaints Resolution 230107 Objections and complaints resolution professionals respond to personal, written and telephone inquiries and complaints about the organisation's goods and services, provide information and refer people to other sources.*
Recovery and Response 230108 Recovery and response professionals provide a range of advice and support for emergency and non-emergency situations.
Sales 230109 Sales professionals work with customers to facilitate an exchange of goods or services for money.
Technical and Procedural Quality Advice 230110 Technical and procedural quality advice professionals analyse, improve and promote structures, methods, systems and procedures to achieve optimal service delivery.
Education and Training Education 230501 Education professionals develop and conduct education programs relating to a particular subject matter area.
Education Adviser 230502 Education advisers conduct educational research and develop course curricula and associated teaching materials for use by educational institutions.
Online Education Officer 230503 Online education officers contribute to the development and maintenance of education material delivered via the online sites, forums and gateways.
Specialist Training 230504 Specialist Training professionals develop and deliver training and assess and endorse competence in a specialist area. Topic specific qualifications or experience is required in addition to instructional ability.
Training and Assessment 230505 Training and Assessment professionals provide training and assessment tools and services in a particular subject or range of subjects. ICT/Service Support/Training and Development 150402 now incorporated into this role. 
Gallery, Museum and Tour Guides/Tourist Information Gallery/Museum Guide 230201 Gallery/museum guides answer inquires and direct and guide visitors in a gallery or museum.*
Tour Guide 230202 Tour guides escort visitors on sightseeing, educational and other tours, and describe and explain points of interest.*
Tourist Information Officer 230203 Tourist information officers provide travel and accommodation information to tourists.*
Program Delivery Grants Management 230408 Grants management professionals administer grant agreements,  provide advice on grants/contracts and funding agreements and interpret and apply relevant policy relating to programs.
Licensing Assessment 230407 Licensing assessment professionals assess applications and renewals, issue sanctions of licensed premises and individuals, identify risks associated with licensed clients and take appropriate action within the licensing regime.
Program Advice and Support 230402 Program advice and support professionals provide advice and support in the development and execution of programs.
Program Delivery 230410 Program delivery professionals are directly involved in the assessment and delivery of a client's payments and/or services available through a program administered by the organisation.
Program Management 230401 Program and Service Managers oversee the planning, implementation, maintenance and administration of a specific program or service.
Specialist Adviser 230409 Specialist advisors provide advice and develop and implement plans in a specific area of specialist knowledge.
Trade Assessment 230403 Trade assessors assess and determine applications or claims under relevant laws for duty concessions, duty drawback applications, submissions and similar activities.
Trade Technical 230405 Trade technical professionals provide technical and policy advice to internal and external clients on trade issues such as valuation and origin of goods, transfer pricing, intellectual property rights, trade markings, tariff classification and other relevant trade issues.
Visa and Citizenship Decision Maker 230404 Visa Processing professionals examine and assess the entry of people from other countries and administer visas and residency applications according to immigration legislation, rules and policies. They also use legal powers to detain and remove illegal entrants, where necessary.*
This now incorporates individuals previously mapped to Citizenship Processing 230406 and Cancellation Assessment 130 501.
Last reviewed: 
25 March 2019