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Senior Executive Service (SES)

The role of the SES is to provide APS wide strategic leadership of the    highest quality that contributes to an effective and cohesive APS (Public Service Act 1999 section    35(2)).

The role of the SES

Members of the SES have a role in the APS that goes beyond  that of other leaders.  This role is  acknowledged in the Public Service Act  1999 (the Act).
Section 35 of the Act states that the functions of the SES are  to:

  • provide APS wide strategic leadership of the  highest quality that contributes to an effective and cohesive APS
  • provide professional/specialist expertise,  policy advice, program or service delivery, and regulatory administration at a  high level
  • promote cooperation within and between other agencies  including to deliver outcomes across Agency and portfolio boundaries
  • promote, by personal example and other  appropriate means, the APS Values, the APS Employment Principles and compliance  with the Code of Conduct.

The SES also has a role in supporting Secretaries as stewards  of the broader APS. Stewardship looks to build for the future, continually  developing the right capability so that the APS can always deliver the best  outcomes for the Australian community.

SES Adviser

Individual SES employees can contact a nominated SES Adviser  to discuss issues relating to their own employment. This can be on any topic  and can include, for example, potential redundancies, retraining and  development opportunities, and redeployment and retirement options.

All issues dealt with by the Adviser are treated on a  confidential basis (as far as the law allows) and are not raised with another  party unless the SES employee involved wishes to take the matter further.

The SES Adviser has no authority to review or overturn  decisions.

Currently, the Senior Executive Adviser role is performed by Patrick Palmer. He can be contacted on 02 6202 3824.

SES Learning and Development

Information on SES learning and development.

SES Information

Information for APS agencies to assist them to manage  selection, mobility and separation matters for SES employees can be found in  the Senior  Executive Service: an HR practitioner's guide to engagement, promotion,  mobility and separation.

Other information is available in the following documents: