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Section 3: Help with the strategy

For more information please visit:

  • The Australian Public Service Commission website – our website has a comprehensive section on disability employment, with links to other relevant issues and publications such as the State of theService Report. Go to <www.apsc.gov.au/disabilityemployment>.
  • Communities of practice on govdex – a dedicated online community for sharing information and learning. The govdex site is open to all federal and state government employees. You can join by contacting <abilityatwork [at] apsc.gov.au>.
  • Agency support and advice – the Australian Public Service Commission's Disability Employment Team is on hand to answer agency specific queries, offer good practice advice, and put you in touch with relevant experts. You can contact the team by emailing <abilityatwork [at] apsc.gov.au>.

See also the list of organisations provided in the Appendix.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018