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Section 1: APS at a glance

the workforce

An ageing workforce: The proportion of APS employees 50 years of age and over has grown significantly over time, increasing from 20.2% of all employees in June 2001 to 31.7% at June 2015.

By classification: With the exception of APS 3 and APS 4 classifications, the number of employees in all classifications decreased from 2014 to 2015. The number of Executive Level (EL) 1 employees decreased by 1,712 (6.2%) and the number of APS 6 employees decreased by 1,126 (3.5%).

By location: The highest proportion of APS employees are based in the ACT; with 60.4% of all EL employees and 75.2% of all SES employees in the ACT.

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Last reviewed: 
24 May 2018