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Sbr.gov.au has undergone a refresh

The Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Program recently migrated sbr.gov.au to the whole-of-government content management platform GovCMS. This refresh provides users with a contemporary browsing experience while delivering improvements to the site’s navigation and search functionality.

Sbr.gov.au provides business, intermediaries, government and digital service providers’ with information and resources to build and use Standard Business Reporting to simplify business reporting obligations for government.

Cathy Cox, Australian Taxation Office Assistant Commissioner and the project sponsor, acknowledged the work undertaken to achieve this great outcome and the benefits realised as a consequence of the migration.

"This is a great example of reducing our overhead by migrating a relatively small website to a government endorsed platform and bringing the controls back in house. As result we have achieved significant savings in both time and cost, and provided a better online experience for our users," Ms Cox said.

Whilst the refresh predominantly impacts the website’s ‘look and feel’, the ATO will continue to review the site to improve the user experience.

Visit the refreshed website at www.sbr.gov.au.

Last reviewed: 
31 October 2018