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Program 1.1—component 1.1.2: Investing in APS development and capability (part 8)

APS Human Resources Summit 2012

The Commission held its inaugural APS Human Resources Summit on 4–5 September 2012. Approximately 60 agencies were represented by more than 160 participants.

The goal of this event was to hear from secretaries, other APS executives and external experts about their views on the human resources profession and how it could lift its contribution to the development and implementation of agency and APS-wide strategies.

The event provided the opportunity for senior human resource executives and others in the APS to share practices and ideas from a number of agencies. The summit was driven by the Commission’s Chief Human Capital Officer in partnership with senior colleagues from the departments of Immigration and Citizenship, Human Services, Finance and Deregulation and the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Expert individual speakers and panels and working sessions generated discussion on wide-ranging human capital issues against a backdrop of global economic and technological challenges.

The success of the summit was attributable to participants’ high-level engagement in strategic discussions which, in turn, will inform the agenda for the next summit in December 2013. The focus of that summit will be on strategies to build capability and productivity in the APS.

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11 May 2018