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Program 1.1—component 1.1.2: Investing in APS development and capability (part 7)

APS leadership, learning and development community of practice

The APS leadership, learning and development community of practice is open to all practitioners working in human resources, leadership or learning and development. The community of practice connects APS practitioners and provides an opportunity to share tools and resources, exchange insights and experiences, and progress shared challenges.

The community regularly meets in face-to-face forums and via an online discussion forum. The subject matter of the forums is primarily driven by work-based challenges faced by members. Topics addressed in 2012–13 included:

  • developing and implementing the 70/20/10 learning model in APS agencies—a workshop with international expert Charles Jennings had a particular emphasis on supporting the 70% of learning that occurs on the job and the 20% that occurs through relationships and networks
  • designing and implementing management skills learning in the APS
  • developing effective leadership and talent management approaches for EL 2 employees.
Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018