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Program 1.1—component 1.1.1: APS people and organisational performance (part 9)

Capability reviews

In response to Recommendation 8.1 of the Blueprint, the Commission established the capability reviews program. The program takes a forward-looking view of opportunities to improve the operations of each agency and, as the program advances, the APS as a whole.

Seventeen reviews of agencies have been completed to date, with a further six reviews scheduled for completion by 2014.

Following completion of their capability reviews, agencies are implementing a range of measures to improve leadership, strategy and delivery across the whole APS and this process will continue over the next 18 months.

The Commission is coordinating the exchange of information across the APS as a whole to identify and find solutions to common capability needs across agencies.

The complete program of reviews will establish a baseline against which strengths and development opportunities across the APS can be identified and will act as a lever for driving high performance.

Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018