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Program 1.1—component 1.1.1: APS people and organisational performance (part 7)


In 2012–13, the Commission continued to provide recruitment and selection services to APS agencies. These services are provided on behalf of the Public Service Commissioner and the Merit Protection Commissioner; services completed on behalf of the Merit Protection Commissioner are detailed in her annual report which follows the appendices to this report. APS recruitment and selection services are a national function managed through the Commission’s New South Wales regional office. The services include activities related to the recruitment and selection of staff and the provision of advice that promotes contemporary best practice and ensures that legislative requirements are met.

A total of 398 employment-related requests were received from 38 agencies in 2012–13. Requests included the convening of independent selection committees, the provision of panel members for selection advisory committees and scribing assignments. During 2012–13, 480 jobs were completed. The completed jobs included requests lodged in 2011–12 and completed in 2012–13, and those lodged and completed in 2012–13. A further 16 requests were lodged but withdrawn by the agencies prior to completion.

Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018