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Program 1.1—component 1.1.1: APS people and organisational performance (part 13)

Human capital research activities

The Commission produced over 200 workforce research products in 2012–13, including 139 research notes, six staff research insights, 10 issues of the Human Capital Matters digest, and over 40 sets of Jurisdictional Dot Points—a regular summary of public administration developments in overseas jurisdictions. The findings of human capital research conducted by the Commission and other agencies were presented at two research forums hosted by the Commission. Over 100 participants attended each forum.

Human capital management support activities

The Commission conducted a range of human capital management survey design and evaluation activities in 2012–13 to support the APS. This work included:

  • an evaluation of the APS teleworking trial
  • development of an entry and exit survey process that has been made available to all APS agencies
  • survey design and delivery in support of the trial development of an APS innovation index
  • survey design and delivery in support of Commission program evaluations, including individual flexibility arrangements, award modernisation, APS Indigenous workforce participation experience, and the APS Classification Review.

The Commission also commenced a redraft of two previous guidance documents to agencies and managers on absence management: Turned up and tuned in and Fostering an attendance culture. The new draft document, titled Attendance and absence, will be circulated widely within the APS for comment. Publication is planned for late 2013.

Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018