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Portfolio Budget Statements key performance indicators 2015-16

The preceding sections describe the performance activities and measures the Commission undertook during 2015–16 under the goals set out in the corporate plan.

Results for three key performance indicators in the PBS 2015–16 that were not addressed through the corporate plan are shown below.

Program 1.1

Measure: Degree of satisfaction of the Minister, heads of entities and other clients, as expressed through feedback about the
quality and timeliness of services and advice provided by the Commission.

Result: Very good

Measure: Number of reviews, excluding promotion reviews, finalised on behalf of the Merit Protection Commissioner.*

Result: 185

Measure: Percentage of reviews conducted on behalf of the Merit Protection Commissioner completed within published timeframes.*

Result: 91%

Program 1.2

Measure: All variations to remuneration and entitlements were processed in a timely manner with an accuracy
of 99%.

Result: Achieved

* The Merit Protection Commissioner's annual report addresses the performance of the review function against timeliness targets and measures taken to address challenges in meeting targets.

Last reviewed: 
14 May 2018