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Partners of the APS - ANZSOG – examining innovation around the world

When the APS Review panel headed by David Thodey needed some research into future scenarios for the APS, who did they ask? ANZSOG. The Australia and New Zealand School of Government conducts world-class research to support the public sector. Like GovLab: How to train and teach for 21st century public leadership. This recent essay examines public services around the world and the different ways they inspire, coach and train public servants to innovate. Human-centred design, data science, citizen trainers and free courses in public entrepreneurship are some of the types of training that other countries are using to “respond to the challenges of our time and cultivate public entrepreneurs who solve public problems.”

Find abundant useful information on the ANZSOG website, including a library of case studies. It’s the third-largest collection of public policy and management cases in the world.

The ANZSOG research commissioned by the APS Review can be found at anzsog.edu.au/resource-library/research/anzsog-aps-review.

Last reviewed: 
1 July 2019