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Part C: Practical tips for successful immersive development

<h2>Things to consider for agencies and their employees</h2><p>Immersive development can be rewarding for employees and agencies, but there are a number of things to consider before signing up.</p><table title="Things to consider for agencies and their employees" id="table06191" summary="This is a checklist of things for agencies and employees to consider before signing up to an immersive activity."><thead><tr><th id="table06191r1c1">For agencies</th><th id="table06191r1c2">For employees</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td headers="table06191r1c1">Do you have robust policies in place? Which immersive development will the agency support, and with which organisations? &nbsp;</td><td headers="table06191r1c2">Is the immersive activity linked to your agreed development goals?</td></tr><tr><td headers="table06191r1c1">Do you have a policy on selecting employees for these opportunities? Will they be used to develop high potential staff, to reward and maintain the engagement of valued staff, or a mixture? Will employees self-nominate, be nominated by their manager or be drawn from talent pools?</td><td headers="table06191r1c2">Are you across the terms and conditions of the activity? Role and performance expectations, arrangements for travel and other expenses, arrangements for taking leave, confidentiality and conflict of interest matters, WHS and risk management.</td></tr><tr><td headers="table06191r1c1">Do you have a policy on how immersive activities will be funded – centrally, by business areas, or a combination?</td><td headers="table06191r1c2">Are you able to travel for extended periods? Some immersive activities require interstate travel for extended periods without the possibility of reunion travel.</td></tr><tr><td headers="table06191r1c1">Do you have up-to-date risk management and WHS processes? Do they include pastoral care, check ins, and post activity debriefs?</td><td headers="table06191r1c2">Do you have networks in place to support you during your immersive experience?</td></tr><tr><td headers="table06191r1c1">Are processes in place for sharing employees' experiences on return (where relevant)? This could include blogs, presentations to staff, intranet articles, and meetings with the Executive. &nbsp;</td><td headers="table06191r1c2">Have you decided how you will share your immersive experience back in your agency?</td></tr></tbody></table><h2>Getting the most out of immersive development – quick check list</h2><p>Here are some practical tips to help make every immersive development experience a success.</p><table id="table84372" summary="This table contains practical tips for agencies, employees and host organisations to consider when preparing for for an immersive activity."><caption>Preparation</caption><thead><tr><th id="table84372r1c1">Agency</th><th id="table84372r1c2">Employee</th><th id="table84372r1c3">Host organisation</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td headers="table84372r1c1"><p>Communicate with employee</p><p>Complete risk management and safety arrangements</p><p>Arrange pastoral care contacts</p></td><td headers="table84372r1c2"><p>Determine development objectives</p><p>Finalise handover</p><p>Engage a coach or mentor</p><p>Complete the APS Core skills program Dealing with change</p><p>Complete secondee deed (if necessary)</p></td><td headers="table84372r1c3"><p>Confirm work arrangements, including building access, IT, office space</p><p>Prepare host team for new member</p><p>Prepare buddy to support placement</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p>All: Negotiate development plan and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (if necessary)</p><table title="Encounter, adjustment and stabilisation" id="table49058" summary="This table includes tips for agencies, employees and host organisations to consider during the encounter, adjustment and stabilisation phases of an immersive activity."><caption>Encounter, adjustment and stabilisation</caption><thead><tr><th id="table49058r1c1">Agency</th><th id="table49058r1c2">Employee</th><th id="table49058r1c3">Host organisation</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td headers="table49058r1c1"><p>Update employee on developments at home agency</p><p>Continue to implement risk management plan</p></td><td headers="table49058r1c2"><p>Complete host organisation induction program</p><p>Participate in social activities, engage with new colleagues</p><p>Work with coach or mentor</p><p>Identify a mentor in host organisation</p><p>Focus on reaching development goals</p></td><td headers="table49058r1c3"><p>Support employee integration through social activities and introduction to key personnel</p><p>Support employee to identify a mentor within the organisation</p><p>Provide feedback to the employee on their performance and development</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p>All: Maintain regular contact between the parties.</p><table id="table79912" summary="This table shows practical tips for agencies, employees and host organisations to use during the exit phase of an immersive activity."><caption>Exit and re-entry</caption><thead><tr><th id="table79912r1c1">Agency</th><th id="table79912r1c2">Employee</th><th id="table79912r1c3">Host organisation</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td headers="table79912r1c1"><p>Confirm return arrangements with employee</p><p>Confirm building and IT access</p><p>Prepare colleagues for return</p><p>Evaluate immersive development activity</p></td><td headers="table79912r1c2"><p>Finalise work and handover</p><p>Provide feedback to host</p><p>Complete evaluation</p><p>Engage with coach or mentor</p><p>Share with colleagues</p><p>Apply learnings to home agency role</p></td><td headers="table79912r1c3"><p>Assist employee to wrap up and handover</p><p>Provide performance information to employee and agency</p><p>Complete evaluation</p></td></tr></tbody></table>

Last reviewed: 
21 May 2018