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Part 5: The department's response

The Department of Employment welcomes the report of the Capability Review and the opportunity this voluntary review provided to assess our capability to meet future objectives and challenges.

The report provides a positive view of the Department's capability across the capability elements and affirms the progress the Department has made since its establishment in September 2013. This is largely a testament to the professional and positive culture in the organisation, and ultimately the quality and capability of our people and their commitment to achieving the objectives of the Department. The findings of the report provide a useful assessment of the Department's strengths as well as areas to focus on to take our capability to the next level in the years to come.

The report highlights the following priorities for the Department, which align with the four pillars of the 2014−17 strategic plan, as indicated in italics:

  • formulating and pursuing long term strategies, including moving beyond a siloed delivery approach and being more proactive in contributing to cross−cutting and whole−of−government policy development. ( Forward looking.)
  • becoming a thought leader, including better influencing policy development earlier and outside an existing traditional view of the Department's policy and programme boundaries. ( Collaboration.)
  • making greater use of data and intelligence to engage more broadly on social and economic policy matters. ( Delivery.)
  • creating a workforce for the future. ( People.)

The Department will distil specific actions to give effect to the suggestions for capability improvements, which will be taken forward within the Department's existing organisational capability framework. Together with other reforms already underway, such as the development of a formal Innovation framework and the redevelopment of the risk management framework, and feedback from the 2015 Staff Census, we will have a blueprint for the future operating state of the Department.

I appreciate the professionalism and expertise of the independent Senior Review Team and the valuable insights they provided during the review process. I look forward to working with the APSC as we progress implementation and pursue capability improvement across the Department.

Yours sincerely

Renée Leon PSM

Secretary, Department of Employment.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018