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Part 4: Role evaluation tool

Role evaluation – Summary record

Role details

Job title: Evaluation date:
Work area: Evaluated by:
Role status – new or existing: Date of role creation:
Has the role been evaluated previously, if so when and by whom:
Primary purpose/main objectives of the role:
List the sources of information and evidence that has been used to inform this evaluation:

Evaluation factors

A range of work value descriptions are provided in relation to each of the nine evaluation factors. Read all descriptions to identify the most appropriate, noting that a role must meet the full intent of the description for that description to be selected. Document the rationale for the selection of each factor description (citing role specific responsibilities) together with the corresponding score.

Factor Score Rationale/Evidence
Knowledge Application    
Scope and Complexity    
Problem Solving    
Contacts and Relationships    
Negotiation and Cooperation    
Management Responsibility / Resource Accountability    

Combine the scores assigned tothe individual evaluation factors.

Total score:

Initial classification level:

The total score correlates with an approved classification level as set out in the below table. Identify the range in which the total score falls, to identify the corresponding classification level. This indicates the preliminary assessment of the role.

Score Classification Level
18 – 27 APS Level 1
28 – 45 APS Level 2
46 – 63 APS Level 3
64 – 81 APS Level 4
82 – 99 APS Level 5
100 – 117 APS Level 6
118 – 135 Executive Level 1
136 – 144 Executive Level 2

The preliminary assessment should be reviewed to verify the accuracy of the role evaluation assessment. Compare the preliminary assessment against the work level standards to check that duties and expectations are appropriately aligned and the intent of the work level standards is an accurate reflection of the proposed classification level.

Borderline role: Yes No Evaluation revisited Yes No
Comparison with work level standards (including any justification to support why allocated classification level differs from preliminary assessment):
Allocated classification level:

Attach supporting information used as evidence to inform the role evaluation (e.g. position description). Forward the completed Role Evaluation Tool including evidence to the relevant delegate for approval.

Delegate approval / assignment of approved classification level:


Position title:


Last reviewed: 
29 May 2018