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Outlook for 2018–19

The Commission has introduced refreshed strategic priorities for 2018–19. While building on the current set of priorities, it has taken into account emerging trends affecting the APS in the context of a rapidly changing external environment.

The 2018–19 Corporate Plan sets out the Commission’s strategic priorities and deliverables, as well as its primary activities and measures, for the period 2018–19 to 2021–22. The plan states that the Commission’s purpose is ‘To position the APS workforce for the future’.

Budget outlook

The Commission’s departmental appropriation revenue will decrease from $22.8 million in 2017–18 to $21.3 million in 2018–19. This is the result of a reduction in the temporary budget funding for building digital capability in partnership with the Digital Transformation Agency: the reduction is from $2.8 million in 2017–18 to $1.4 million in 2018–19.

Underlying funding is to reduce by $0.1 million because of the efficiency dividend. The Commission is managing its funding to ensure that it delivers a balanced financial result and is financially sustainable in future years.

Administered payments for the Judicial Office Holders’ Remuneration and Entitlements Program are expected to decrease to $4.2 million in 2018–19 because the program no longer funds the remuneration of parliamentarians; as noted, from 1 January 2018 the program has been funded by the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017, reported on by the Department of Finance. Excluding the remuneration of parliamentarians, which is included in the 2017–18 actual results, payment levels for the program are expected to remain stable.

Last reviewed: 
18 October 2018