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Outlook for 2013-14

The Commission’s operations and the delivery of our strategic priorities in 2013–14 will continue to be guided by the strategic plan.

The Commission will continue to develop a workforce aligned to its strategic priorities and operating models, and will develop strategies to ensure the effective management and sharing of knowledge and information.

The focus in 2013–14 will be on:

  • continuing to implement the priorities identified in the Commission’s workforce plan, the including you workplace diversity program and the creating paths Indigenous employment strategy
  • developing the necessary policies, procedures and processes to support the new governance framework established by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, which was passed by parliament on 28 June 2013
  • reviewing the financial management information system and human resource IT platforms to deliver greater operational efficiencies
  • strengthening the financial management governance arrangements for financial reporting, budgeting and pricing.

Budget outlook

The Commission’s departmental appropriation revenue from government will decrease by $1.19 million from $23.20 million in 2012–13 to $22.01 million in 2013–14 due to the termination of the APS reform budget measure.

Departmental fee-for-service income is projected to be $1.56 million (5%) lower in 2013–14 than 2012–13 levels. This projected decrease is in anticipation of agencies reducing their discretionary spending on learning and development to meet the further efficiency targets. Predicting demand for the Commission’s fee-for-service activities has been an ongoing challenge as the demand fluctuates due to various factors that are beyond the Commission’s control.

Administered payments for the parliamentarians’ and judicial office holders’ remuneration and entitlements program are expected to increase by $1.48 million to $60.81 million for 2013–14 due to the regular annual review of remuneration.

Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018