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Our guiding principles

our client experience

Three principles will guide the way we work with others to position the APS workforce for the future.

In working with clients and partners, we will:

Principle 1: Add Value

  • We contribute expertise, contemporary thinking and whole of APS insights to shape the agenda for the future.
  • We identify opportunities for making progress in areas of importance for the APS and try new approaches.

Principle 2: Stay the Distance

  • We go beyond ideas to design practical initiatives and solutions.
  • We actively support implementation, knowing this is critical to achieving real outcomes for the APS.
  • We adapt and adopt as we go, learning from our experiences and using this to improve the way things are done.

Principle 3: Partner Effectively

  • We bring people and ideas together to generate better solutions.
  • We co-create and co-design for optimum quality.
  • We look for ways to tailor common solutions so that they are fit-for-purpose and suitable for a client’s context.
Last reviewed: 
31 August 2018