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To help build APS capability we offer a wide range of interesting, insightful and learner-focused courses for APS, Executive level and Senior Executives. Our courses encourage and support people to take an active role in their learning. All course facilitators have extensive knowledge of the public service and use contemporary methods to develop skills and knowledge and support behavioural change.

Registrations (individual or group bookings) can be made by logging in to APSLearn.


New to the APS or SES

Understanding the APS and your responsibilities at APS or SES levels

Core capabilities for public servants include:

Building your career - Building skills to manage your APS career

Communication - Helping staff to communicate well using different styles (writing, influencing, negotiating and presenting)

Core e-learning - Providing a flexible learning option for a variety of core skills

Decision making and advice - Enhancing administrative decisions, improving analytical thinking and building skills for briefing and responding to APS decision-makers, Ministers and Parliament

Management - Improving people management expertise to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of teams

Professional Public Service - Developing the fundamental skills required to work in the APS

Strategy and innovation - Improving strategic thinking and planning in the workplace

Working effectively in the APS - Understanding work level standards; capability requirements; behavioural expectations; and developing the skills required in your current or desired level or role

Working with people - Building the skills needed to work productively, ethically, respectfully and inclusively in the workplace

HR support - Understanding your responsibility as a member of a recruitment panel or as a Harassment Contact Officer.


SES Band 3 Leadership - enhancing strategic leadership when leading whole of agency, cross APS and cross sector initiatives

SES Band 2 Leadership - strengthening the leadership required when working within and across organisational boundaries; fostering innovation and change; and responding to complex challenges

SES Band 1 Leadership - building leadership skills when setting the strategic direction of the group; creating a positive workplace culture; influencing stakeholders; and drawing on others to achieve organisational goals

Leading Digital Transformation - helping recognise the challenges and opportunities of leading in the digital age to meet the expectations of citizens, business and other users of government services

Women in Leadership - enhancing leadership within organisational structures and practices that present specific challenges for women

Executive Level 2 Leadership Expansion - developing leadership skills to meet strategic priorities

Executive Level 2 Leadership in Practice - developing critical management and leadership capabilities to move beyond technical expertise

Arrangements can be made for our skilled trainers to run some of our courses in your agency - for more information.

Last reviewed: 
8 August 2019