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OECD seeks your input on the future of leadership and capability in the public sector

The OECD is seeking feedback on their draft Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability.

The draft recommendation presents 14 principles for a fit-for-purpose public service under three main pillars:

  • A values-driven public service
  • A trusted and capable public service
  • A responsive and adaptive public service

This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of leadership and capability in the global public sector. You are encouraged to have your say. 

The consultation period will run until 14 September 2018. Click here to get involved.

Feedback collected during the consultation period will inform the development of the final recommendations.

Recommendations adopted by the OECD outline high-level policy directions based on agreed global good practices and aspirational goals. They serve to highlight the importance of specific work areas in the context of broader international policy-making.

Click here to find out more about OECD recommendations and how they are used.

Last reviewed: 
1 August 2018