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Notifying employment decisions in the Public Service Gazette

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What changes are being made?

From 1 December 2016, there are fewer employment decisions which must be notified in the Public Service Gazette.

Following a competitive selection process, the following outcomes must be notified in the Gazette within three months of the decision:

  • promotion of an APS employee, including following a Promotion Review Committee decision
  • engagement of an ongoing Parliamentary Service employee at a higher classification, including following a Promotion Review Committee decision
  • the outcome of an Independent Selection Advisory Committee recommendation.

Termination of employment following a breach of the Code of Conduct must still be notified in the Gazette.

If any of these decisions is subsequently cancelled, that cancellation must be notified in the Gazette.

What do agencies need to do?

Agencies will need to review their processes to ensure a clear understanding of which selection processes will lead to a notified outcome.

Agencies are no longer required to notify

  • engagement of ongoing employees
  • engagement of non-ongoing employees for greater than 12 months
  • movement or assignment of duties of an APS employee following a notified selection process.

What transition arrangements need to be put in place?

Employment decisions that have not been notified in the Gazette before 1 December 2016 are subject to the new requirements for notification. This includes decisions resulting from selection processes conducted before 1 December 2016.

What is the legislative basis?

  • Sections 34 and 35 of the Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions 2016
Last reviewed: 
16 May 2018