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Note 6. Managing uncertainties

This section analyses how the APSC manages financial risks within its operating environment.

6.1: Financial instruments

Note 6.1a: Categories of financial instruments
  Notes 2017
Financial assets
Loans and receivables
Cash and cash equivalents   894 1,075
Goods and services receivables (net) 3.1a 1,148 1,446
Total loans and receivables:   2,042 2,521
Total financial assets   2,042 2,521
Financial liabilities
Financial liabilities measured at amortised cost
Trade creditors and accruals 3.3a 2,441 3,808
Other payables 3.3d 80 90
Total financial liabilities measured at amortised cost   2,521 3,898
Total financial liabilities   2,521 3,898

Note 6.2: Fair value measurement

Note 6.2a: Fair value measurement
  Fair value
Non-financial assets
Leasehold improvements 823 1,949
Plant and equipment 465 934

Accounting policy

All property, plant and equipment is measured at fair value, in accordance with the accounting policy.

The APSC’s assets are held for operational purposes and not held for the purposes of deriving a profit.

Fair value is estimated using replacement cost, which is depreciated based upon the expended and remaining useful life of each asset.

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14 May 2018