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New Commonwealth public sector bargaining policy announced

The Workplace Bargaining Policy 2018 was released on 6 February 2018. It applies immediately, replacing the 2015 policy.

The revised policy maintains the key elements of the 2015 policy. It allows for wage increases of up to two per cent per annum, supports employees’ right to choose whether to engage with unions, requires enterprise agreements to be easy to understand and not contain restrictive work practices, and provides for terms and conditions in line with community standards.

The revised policy introduces greater flexibility, with more scope to trade conditions in bargaining provided they are not enhanced overall.

By the end of the last bargaining round almost all agencies had made new agreements, covering around 88 per cent of APS employees. Employees of agencies which made agreements in 2015 have enjoyed wage increases of up to six per cent over the past three years.

The best source of information on bargaining in your agency will be your HR area. There are also a number of fact sheets on the APSC website.

Last reviewed: 
1 June 2018