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New to the APS

Regardless of how you how you have joined the APS, there are things you need to know and do in your early days and week with the service.

APS Induction

The APS Induction program is a 10-module online program giving you the early information that is essential for working in the APS. Topics include the structure of government and the APS ethical and legal framework, governance, and workforce diversity.

These modules each take between 15-30 minutes to complete. There is a progressive flow between the modules and flexibility to do them in any order.

This online program is part of your induction and you must also complete induction specific to your department or agency and particular to your work location and duties. An induction for work health and safety is also required. Speak to your supervisor about the induction requirements for you and your workplace..


APSLEARN is our new online self-service system to manage your APSC facilitated learning. APSLEARN provides you with the ability to search, register, pay for, and see what programs you have completed. Please click on this link to access APSLEARN and if you are experiencing any issues please refer to our troubleshooting document.

Graduate intakes

The Australian Public Service recruits graduates with a diverse range of skills and qualifications as part of its Graduate Program.

The Graduate Development Program is offered at the APS Centre for Leadership and Learning. The program can also be tailored for delivery to a single agency, in state capital cities, or regional locations in Australia depending on participant numbers.

Graduates have access to extracurricular seminars and events coordinated by the APSC.

Other programs for new starters

Once you have settled into your new workplace, take a look at the programs that help to orient you in the APS. The APS Centre for Leadership and Learning has a range of suitable programs in its Core Skills suite, particularly APS ethics and values and APS frameworks.

Contact the APSC core skills team via your supervisor about access to Understanding Government; a self-directed course to help you understanding the role of the APS and the processes that underpin the Australian system of government.

SES orientation

The SES Orientation program is for new-appointed senior executives. The program prepares SES to understand and undertake their new responsibilities.