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More than 80 new enterprise agreements cap off 2016

Eighty-two new enterprise agreements have been voted up in the current round of Commonwealth public sector bargaining.

On average, one new enterprise agreement per week has been made this year.

"These agreements provide sustainable wage increases, improve productivity and maintain valued terms and conditions," said John Lloyd, Australian Public Service Commissioner.

"The Australian public more than ever, rightly expects the public sector to be as productive and efficient as possible."

"Over recent months, the main public sector union has engaged in unconventional tactics."

"The CPSU has failed to successfully negotiate any agreements in this round. It has not even supported agreements when it was clear that the overwhelming majority of staff were in favour," Commissioner Lloyd said.

As at 20 December 2016:

  • 82 new enterprise agreements have been made in accordance with Government policy,
  • 71 of these agreements have been made under the revised bargaining policy which the Government issued in November 2015,
  • 26 have been voted up since August this year,
  • 6 have been voted up over recent days, including:
  • Attorney-General's Department, 76% participation, 58% yes,
  • Screen Australia, 96% participation, 52% yes,
  • Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, 91% participation and 58% yes,
  • National Health and Medical Research Council, 83% participation and 62% yes,
  • Tourism Australia, 69% participation and 73% yes,
  • National Mental Health Commission, 92% participation and 100% yes.

About 60% of all APS employees work in just four agencies – the Department of Human Services, Australian Taxation Office, Department of Defence and Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Unions have run negative campaigns in these workplaces. Regrettably, the staff in these agencies continue to miss out on pay increases.

Outside the four largest agencies, only about 7% of APS employees continue to bargain for a new enterprise agreement.

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service recently confirmed that the Government's bargaining policy will continue unchanged. The policy provides considerable scope to make new agreements that suit employers and employees.

"I encourage those parties still engaged in bargaining to move forward in a pragmatic fashion to settle new agreements. In only 12 months' time, APS employees who reached agreements early under the policy, will be commencing bargaining for the next round of salary increases." said Commissioner Lloyd.

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Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018